Speaking In Tongues

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Cover by Soror Pannichis


(Vols. 1-2)

International Coordinator of the Project: T-(au)OUGH RESISTANCE INSTITUTE (IN-LINE)

(Instead of the editorial stuff here are those who are taking part and have inspired or helped in any way

Kenneth Anger
Steve Arthur: 1-92022188-1
Ken Babbs
Hakim Bey
Jay Bey: 1-018141882-22
Konstantin Belyaev
Sarah Champion
Svetlana Dorosheva (Soror): 1-91822201-24
Simon Ripper Dwyer
Andrey Yemelyanov
Rocky Erikson
Ilya Falkovsky
Alix Filyushkina
Evgeny Golovin
Kenneth Grant
Richard Hell
Stewart Home
Paul Howard: 1-61223184-8
Alex Kervey: 1-81952019-11
Ken Kesey
Peter Koenig
Wayne Kramer
Yury Mamleyev
Manic Street Preachers
Charles Manson
Richard Metzger
Yaroslav Mogutin
Max Nemtsov: 1-32413192-14
Jeff Noon
Georgy Osipov (Count Hortitza): 7-18111916-15
Genesis P-Orridge
Keith Roche: 1-20838163-18
Vince Shaw: 2-21434823-19
Boris Simonov
Max Solntsev
Michael Staley
Ralph Steadman
Neal Stephenson
Mick Tabbs: 1-33112219-20
Hunter S. Thompson
Dimitry Volchek
Mike Wallace: 1-31112123-23
Robert Anton Wilson
Terry Wilson
Maria Yakubovich
Oscar Zeta Akosta

Three more persons are still on their way and there are more to be included.


  1. (23 )

  2. (LISSEN IN: Georgy Osipov Mondays and Wednesdays after midnight, Boris Simonov Tuesdays after midnight, Moscow Time)

  3. : '98
  4. . - (A )
  5. Psychotic Reactions ( )
  6. Seeds. . ( )
  7. . ( )
  8. Manic Street Preachers. , ? ( )
  9. GG Allen (introduction (by Kim Fowley)
  10. ( )
  11. Liber Khoury vel Excentric Weirdo Tiny Tim (by Georgy Osipov)
  12. Jeff Mills Art (by Max Solntsev)
  13. Gram Parsons (by Georgy Osipov)
  14. Wayne Kramer (by Alex Kervey)
  15. NWA (by Andrey Yemelyanov)


  1. (, )
  2. Garik Osipov. Crystal Room ()
  3. Ilya Babenko. From Selected Cyber Prose
  4. . Voidoid. (Translated by Maria Yakybovich)
  5. . Snow Crash. (ranslated by Ilya Falkovsky & Alex Kervey)
  6. ( )
  7. Crowleyana: Scientific Solution of the Problem of the Government ( ). The Heart of Holy Russia ( , ). Cocaine. Selected from Diary of a Drug Fiend. Poems: A Jealous Lover; The Black Mass; The City of God; The Evocation; The Visions of the Ordeal; Victory; Vampire; Untitled Poem; The Twins; The Triumph of Man; The Titanic. (Prose translated by Georgy Osipov & Alex Kervey, poetry comments by GO & AK, AC comments excerpted from Galvanized Enthusiasm and Confessions)
  8. News by Disinformation, by Richard Metzger (a review)
  9. Gonzo Pages, by Hunter S. Thompson. (Butcher of an American Dream. In Court with Shark Hunt). Excerpted from Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (translated by Alex Kervey)
  10. Necronomicon History. A Text (presumed to be original) (translated by Anna Bleiz)
  11. Worlds of Ph.K.Dick (an article by Ilya Falkovsky)
  12. Robert Anton Wilson. Excerpts from Wilhelm Reich In Hell (translated by Alexander Mikhailovsky)
  13. Roky Erikson. Selected Poetry.
  14. Jeff Noon. Carroll`s Alice in the Brave New Millennium Wonderland (an article by Max Solntsev)
  15. W.S.Burroughs. Electronic Revolution (translated by Max Nemtsov)
  16. Timothy Leary. From Yippie to Yappie (translated by Max Nemtsov)
  17. Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron. Californian Ideology (translated by Max Nemtsov)
  18. Hakim Bey. Excerpts from Chaos: Broadsheets of Onthological Anarchism. An Interview (translated by Alex Kervey)
  19. Alex Kervey. TRI Intro. Vlobzout; Full Moon Party; Victoria Station Insects Incident; Echno; excerpts from Sea Renegades


  1. Anthony Balch Intro (Comments by Georgy Osipov & Alex Kervey)
  2. Kenneth Anger (by Georgy Osipov)
  3. Videodrome. Situatuionism & Death TV (by Mark Downham). From the Rapid Eye
  4. Maya Deren
  5. Derek Jarman


  1. Austin Osman Spare. The Book of Pleasure (translated by AK)
  2. Ralph Steadman
  3. Smile. Intro to Neoism (by Simon Dwyer). From the Rapid Eye
  4. Brion Gysin Compilation
  5. Soror


  1. An Intro to Enochian.
  2. Eco-terrorism (by Alexander Mikhailovsky)
  3. Computer Armageddon (by IF)
  4. Ibogene Studies (by AK)


  1. Mishima (an article by Andrey Yemelyanov)
  2. David Tibet`s poetry (translated by Andrey Yemelyanov)
  3. Typhonian pages (Peter Koenig, Michael Staley, Kenneth Grant) (translated by AM)
  4. Letters by Charles Manson, 1996 -1998
  5. Letter by La Vey
  6. Messages by Ken Kesey & Ken Babbs
  7. Peter Koenig. Macdonalization of Occult (translated by AK)
  8. Excerpts from the Story of Jack Parsons by Michael Staley (translated by AM)
  9. Arthur Machen. White People (translated by Alexander Mikhailovsky)
  10. Francis Farmer and the History of Lobotomy (by Ilya Falkovsky)
  11. Lilith Invocation by Soror
  12. Tales by Comandante Markos (Zapatista)
  13. Dmitry Volchek. Excerpts from the novel The Code of Destruction. Poetry
  14. Yaroslav Mogutin. The Best Breast of the Winner (a short story)
  15. Genesis P-Orridge. An Interview

And much more yet to come.

Publications in Russian (1999):

Hunter S. Thompson. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (!) Charles Bukowski. Post-Office & Women (!) Irvine Welsh. Trainspotting (!) Aleister Crowley. Confessions (!) Aleister Crowley. Diary of a Drug Fiend Austin Osman Spare Collection (in process) Jack Parsons Collection (in process) Stewart Home. Blow Job (in process) William S. Burroughs. Cities of the Red Night (!) William S.Burroughs. Junkie (re-edited reissue) Robert M.Pirsig. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Brion Gysin. The Process AND THE WHOLE WORLD OF EXCITING LITERATURE