Speaking In Tongues
Scribbling In Voices

Marina Tsvetaeva

Translated by Andrey Kneller

* * *

Stolen away and there inspired
While seeing dreams during the day,
All saw me sleeping, so they say,
But no one said that I looked tired

Due to the fact that in the day
The dreams were floating in my sight
I can't sleep now; awake I stay
And like a lonesome shadow sway
Over my sleeping friends at night

* * *

Cut open my veins: irrevocably,
Irreplaceably life is gushing.
Bring forth the basins and bowls!
Any bawl will prove too shoal
Any basin shallow.
Filling up and overly
Onto the earth, rushes purging.
Inconceivably, irrevocably.
Irreplaceably -- verse is surging.