Speaking In Tongues
Scribbling In Voices

Igor Severyanin

It All Happened At The Shore

The poem-minion


Translated by Alex Sitnitsky


It all happened at the shore, where waves are so hostile,
That you never could see any ships at the sea.
The Queen played charming Chopin at the elegant castle.
The page, listening to music, fell in love, fell in sin.
It all happened so simply, it all happened so oddly.
The Queen asked him to cut the vermilion fruit.
Then she gave him a half, as she languished him fondly.
She was wrapped into music, so seductively cute.
Then she gave herself wholly, she made love to him stormily.
And the dame slept till morning as an obedient slave.
It all happened at the shore, multicolored like a tourmaline,
Where waves are so hostile and the page sings a lay.