Speaking In Tongues
Guided by Voices

Tatiana Retivova


for Anna Glazova

What if your cities ruled the world?
In turn, each -- a moveable feast
With its own night side of the soul

Enshrouded in a brackish mist,
A harbor here, a cavern there,
You spin, eyes closed, divining this

ĞLunascapeğ morning's taste of air:
Edelweiss, phlox, juniper, linden,
Each plant is graced with a timeshare.

One week in Paris, two weeks in London,
Which is the center of your lunaverse,
For fifteen minutes, or until sundown?

Steering the most ambiguous course
Like some Munhausen or Don Quixote
Through Patagonia on a wild horse

Or amidst Aztecs chewing peyote,
One lunarhymer travels in time,
While winter lingers in the Dakotas,

And lunadouble journeys in kind.
Everything blooms every moon month.
City out of sight, city out of mind.