Speaking In Tongues
Guided by Voices

Konstantin Lipskerov

Translated by Sofronyi Petroff

* * *

Perhaps, its just a cruel children
Wicked children of the cruel god
Sat down to play for a while.
They've built the earth and the road in heaven
But we live in our daylight
And think it's all serious, we have no doubt.

Perhaps, when we love and when get hurt, --
Its just some lord's daughters
Are thrusting, one by one,
Half joking and involuntary,
Their long needles, by which
They're embroidering midnights with the starmarks.

So can't we play a little in our misfortune and joy
While someone laughs at our moans and weepings?
Just look at the moon:
Oh what a ball
For the barefoot god?