Speaking In Tongues
Guided by Voices

Raphael Levchin


Caligula, prince yet,
meets the army
returning from battles
under leadership of king.

-- Aw, hi,
I'm so glad of your presence,
your majesty king,
the great emperor, on the other words...
and who is

-- This is the goat,
or, by your mind, Proteus!

And Caligula takes
the animal and goes
into the forest
to contact with the god.

And the emperor
explains to the soldiers,
that this is the custom
of the dynasty,
that this is state's necessity...

And legionaries, all of them,
are laughing and standing at ease.

And at the same time Caligula
sitting in the grass
doesn't think about anything.
And the goat
eats the lower branches
of an oak, a tree of a fame.