Speaking In Tongues
Guided by Voices



* * *

I know your face
in many silent ways
as flowers know
when it's time to open
and as they gather colors
made of sunlight.

I give you names
but they all mean the same
as two heartbeats
will always equal one
when our arms embrace
and eyes surrender sight

I feel your body
as I dream my days
and live my nights
yes, time stopped growing.

* * *

I long for a curve or bend
in this all square straight land
like those of the mortal sand
still better -- an arguing friend

* * *

it is here and now on
a road from town to town:
an idea of the horizon
shooting above the brow.

prepositions are but another
instance of a comparison
of life to journey: "a" for mother,
"b" for the non-being of reason.
stop the engine, unbelt the body,
step into the field of vision:
I know, fall may be muddy,
but freedom is a decision!

* * *

Susan Magnolia

unasked for violence
of frozen afternoons,
dulled voices,
fully blossomed names

wild, vivid, brilliant

wood and forgetful water,
her words fall short
of ever touching surface

"it's so pretty"

but I wander off
into green silence

then see you.

* * *

another night, another dream of you
another morning, but another vision
another dead among the living few
in other words, another indecisionů