Speaking In Tongues
Scribbling In Voices

Juliana Pavlyushina




Taking part in
the bloom of the pushing fowl
feeling sick of your unincreasing rate
you always heard the exit music sound
and knew how to have a narrow escape:
just to wriggle out-out
out on the curling canvas.
and now when the sun's set
you say — it's my foresight
that kept us,


no crushing ruin
no scribbling in voice
no ending of course
no smiling like stupid
no garfield and snoopy
no white, no pink
no velvet and silk
no plans for my being
you can't say what you'll wish
blowing like the young storm
in your birthday-cake's direction
so stop. have control. leave mice
in their own stomach-ache complaint
you'll be nothing just saying
I'ma genial among them
I'ma genius
I'm dangerous
I'll kill and hold
I'll eat the world
and now I'm killed and held
I'm eaten — just swallowed
wait here - it's not for long
I'll be back in a hurry
and in that time — I'll be hungry
stay here imagining that you're a rock
I'ma genius
I'm dangerous
I'll kill and hold
I'll eat the world
it'll be a day
no crushing ruin
no scribing in voice
no ending of course,


in one
foxes in space
focus on me
stole their own carriage
with clear conscience and blue funk
just for a mess
her bold-face marksman
aborts the first
fruits turn to her
and smile like a swollen play-chess
just for fun
in the ancient Mars' and Hesperus' theatre,


the Gulf of Finland
to the North Carolina
I'll trip you up
and put-keep in the corner
you're so starkeeping
and I'm skylover
i believe you're special for the moon
and me
democrazy in one's mind
once upon a time,


I look so haughtily
so hastily
i live in a hammock
and drink more and more green tea
it's tasteful
and I'm undressed
i play with a hammer
i pray with my self
and someone handsome
i need to be here
and to be haughty
and to believe me
that in this drama
I'll be a gypsy
like my mama,

On the Night

between Monday And Wednesday
d'you know
how it can be?
— you don't
realy think.
dumb dabs of madness are still on my feet
but I'm running
too fast —
i must
and inside — as the heart of sheep
i can't stay my god
who is the most beautiful in this town
to Thee
they've just prepared a crown
and crowd
but I'm running
away from him too
i suppose — two
gods are too
for men
plans that greet
everything what is love —
idiocy — like spam
and i want them
to be
in my giant pocket with rock and mint
rock music in the hand mint gum on the wall that's the rule
that's my room
in this corner — i thought
in that — wash my face
and not only
after long
flying in space
and you'll wonder sometimes
i do some crimes
that nobody guesses about
it's not their business if it's not even mine
i live in dying
rolling cloud
do everyone — go out,

I'm writing

only one letter
I'm cutting only one fear
snow the day — it would would be better
showing page — it's not not not clear
miss you like a xylophone
have missed the train — it was not clever
so afraid to touch you’re a's of the phone
so confused to stay on your level
I'm writing only one letter
let it be more capital and single
sleep in bedstead with one to wet it
sleeping bad in capital of fingers,


am i giving
what am i taking
blasting and keeping
penning and making
o'keying lines
deleting rubles
wedding in miles
passing in fluids
suitless. forevering
much us I'm having
cornburnt. done wrong thing
pro-con. best-selling,

What ever

they never said never to each other they were covered in
things what ever
then she said: I'll never eat this ice-cream but that
was lazy like P M what ever
but one day he cried: I'll never leave you because and
she believed him of course she what ever
since that moment she'd never seen him again sorry she
ate a lot of ice-cream painted her dreams in what ever
she was never ill but got a cold and went into the ground
under the hill and standing there she looked around and
found him what ever,

The zip

on the hind-head fractures yearly
and for a week my limbs can dance
and breath the early inland clouds
and friends with broken romance lance
but when I'm almost taking off
they charge to take off all that awful
i change my clothes
i change my mind
and secret self yet penny-wise
and closed
where should i live
where should i die
where can i dive
it`s not my size,


nothing today
say that
in the sight of me and my nothing
you can't make a word but you may
at my head off day
watch me like tv and keep laughing
don't boggle over my barbs
bard stuck
even singing about us
he was open for both:
and his smoking tuck
i love either boards
for their saintliness's lines
be sure
be careful
you're full of foolful dinner
take the cure
or in two years or more
you'll put your bo tree on my bore
by the way, check yourself is it you or me
here on the balcony
i look at someone under me
as under,

hi god.

is it so hard to be
for you without me?
no I'm not drunk
but I have some grog (sit down)
several cups for thee
and your downs
do you want something (a piece) of me?
o god. Don't say — you're a knight of that shire
angels are playing with fire
and can't see you
anyway they are not holy
and long-lost in the hand of old glory
glory be! glory!
they are dead
they are bad
the worst
more simple than one polly
who wants a cracker only
I'm a cracker-desirer too
but it's my own sin
so do or don't
do you want something (a piece) of me?
O'key. You'll pay. because i have a mess dress
because you forgot to die for yourself
and bible black
come back
as wise as one went
they give me a power
I'm an elf-
you can blood-count me
and you'll be un-count
you are very
i am many
i am mellow
you're a mount
on the sermon
come on, sense
face to face
like a man
i have a bagful of pieces of me
but it doesn't change thee
you don't want
don't know
and don't want to know
even one of them,

one bread-and-butter chit to one mother

if you really want me to be born of Eve
take his hand
and make a tornado
of words
between two drops in one proof
of my bread-and-butter being
and when I'll be up to the table
you'll ask me and yourself
why did you believe-belive and give me a chance
to be alive
but that's my own cancer,

in the moonlight dance

she wished you won't be able to touch her
it's a so important thing
she wished you wouldn't touch her
it's the days of holy days
reset all your feelings
you're clicked but ebb-tided
she feels the shit of you
and fired in love
continuance is in the road
but the ends can't find each other
to found a great-mean-time over the house
you are the only one
she must say
I'm the only lone tree here
hey snake
would you like her for dance
or it's the days of lies and lays
but now the sun's so long
and the night's so young
when she's hiding
around the world
and there is only one place to live —
where she lives
young and photo-good
on the either side
you and she were never-together
in the daylightdance,

folk song

i just hold the hope
i will survive
everything is wrong
but I'm allright
i keep faith in the darkness of the farthest part of my heart
i just hold the whole world
in my mind
everything is cold
but it's not mine
i love god in the darkness of farthest part of my heart,

I've loved you

since the end of your first phrase
i saw you in the skin of my dead mother
you touched my spleen
to check my cover
that I've lost in nineteen-ninety-six
when i was a sexcorner teen with teen
and every end of phrase was in the mix
and no sex
i love you by the truly sent the creepest taste
I'm waiting off i wait for you behind you
the gates of soft
in green reminds to
to answer you unless we have unlesses
and nonetheless you're not the file-soft
i flee from you and back to tasteful places
for a while,

talking to you

go away!!!,