Speaking In Tongues
Scribbling In Voices

Juliana Pavlyushina
Wrong Mind

See you through t`words of Mozart`s pages
a cup of couple of needs
Citizen`s conversation
Cry. picture
A drunk woman wants to smoke and a man
From you
- i`ll be ill
Look at lights there,
* Three -- in one room
wrong mind

* * *

See you through t`words of Mozart`s pages
don`t want to fight for better ages
don`t want to live in better places
don`t want to love in many cases

by combination of green and nothing
i habitate in the heart of laughing
don`t want to smoke but burn the child
it reminds of my unburnt mind

sure life is dead and cat is hungry
no one no two strong wise behind me
and walls in t`kitchen`re blue like my friends
it reminds of death and heavens

can`t lie can`t run can`t be the same
i drink for tonight not to be to blame
i read my books (never written) and
it looks like my way in the end,


a cup of couple of needs

It is not bad
it is not good
he smells like flat
he feeds a food

his crazy eyes
were given through
the perfect guys
whos wings caught truth

not born to be
he shares his lives
with death and Thee
who never dies

he killed the past
by day of now
the one who passed
and loved somehow

and who am I
Except myself
will live, will die
in books on a shelf

the battle comes
and sure kills
blue ice-cream arms
and Mary`s jeans,

* * *

Citizen`s conversation
not given not taken
break it

down down
little sounds

broken history
west and east in me
north and south
too aloud

too hungry
too ugly
to be lost
at the post

after moonless
size of goodness

* * *

Cry. picture
she is a young open ocean of velvet poison
learn. skin
she knows a language of shot joy`s rhythm only
say. beauty
is it death,

* * *

A drunk woman wants to smoke and a man
a lazy caramel and ugly music
to fall like a diamond star. like a blind child
ask dog about hot fish and watch fresh TV
boil 3 eggs and sing a hit about broken feet
will die,

* * *

From you
above me
a part of mad wind runs
reading deeply a warm word
born in you
beat by me,

* * *

- i`ll be ill
( i`ll touch
+ soon
> you --
( so much
> you --
+ room
& where`s maiden
# sword --
# perfect world
# of ly in g words
& i`m not able
& to say them...
& maybe
= i -- so many
- try to kill
$ this thought
= is there any
- hills:
@ starless --
$ the line of g (O) d
@ goodness --
* the circle of g (A) d
# they all
- deal
0 with me
, and what is
, "what is"
0 when he
^ is cold
^ and you just fall
^ and fall
^ and fall
^ and fall
^ and fall
* apart
- without him,

* * *

Look at lights there,
at their magic.
heal juice
we are from.
live in porcelain
naked and delicate.
cook hair
it will look like sex
may be,

* * *

* Three -- in one room
+ they never thought
+ that they were four
+ they something saw
* (don`t make me fool)
* and it was cool
+ uncaught unbought

* its friends`ve gone
+ believe in it --
+ you cannot sleep
+ forgot to feed
* this hungry form
* it likes pop-corn
+ where something bleeds

wrong mind

Watering rain -- in his hand
after skying out of near
though never roseing fools
under knifeing whisper
stop blacking salt clouds,