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Brief resume
(an extract: chapters 25-27)

[This work called «Humans» was started many years ago. In 20-25 years it turned to a manuscript consisting of over 3.000 pages in several languages. It was an attempt to describe human «parameters» from «outside». A question «What is Humans?» is a correct idea about this work]


According to my work, the political power in human society whether in a form of governments, religious authority or any other form is programmed in our genetic code. Of course, the governments are the most "evil" phenomenon of the human society (and history). But if we could fight it - we had to fight it from within, in our genes, and this is impossible. To comfort ourselves we need an idea that we can fight governments or even eliminate the governmental power (Anarchism). However, such an illusion is an instinct itself.
The structure of human society from that point of view looks like that:
1) Government - the most inhuman social force.
2) Chaos and anarchy - almost as evil as the government. In spite of its evil nature the government is in control over the most destructive instincts and tendencies of the human society, preventing its self-destruction and freezing on a primitive level.
3) Technological progress stays between them. If not the governmental mobilization of all human resources that pushes it, that progress would be impossible. Without it and its tools the self-destructive instincts and tendencies should not threat the very basic of human existence. In other words, on one hand diminishing the self-destructive forces of the society, government on the other hand is making the same forces more and more destructive by pushing ahead the technical progress.
4) There is a strange hidden "conspiracy" on genetical level between the social chaos - and the government. The same genetically programmed instincts, which erect the government, are responsible for the "mayhem" instincts as well. It is very similar to the criminals-government eternal war, which on another level is not a war but cooperation.
5) Old nations like Jews, Armenians, Iranians, etc. - have something to do with that mechanism spiritually, metaphysically and genetically. However, the same mechanism, which erects the above-mentioned tandem (government-anarchy), prevents a single force (nation, religion, etc.) to take over the world, the global power (in a non-esoterically defined way). In politically, religiously, etc. divided world - and because of other reasons - Jews or any other single force would never be able to control unilaterally human kind on global scale. Genetically programmed mechanisms prevent mankind from becoming one country or one nation or race.
6) The same mechanism is responsible for existing types of social personalities. Like psychological types (phlegmatic, choleric...) they are complementary "particles" of "human society engine". They are dozens of genetically programmed types of personalities; each type has its own percentage in the society. Social type is given to each human being genetically, by birth. If even one of social types was destroyed (even if that type historically, geographically and by other means is programmed to be only 1 per cent of the society), that society, that nation is under a threat of extinction. Some types (not all of them) can be self-reprogrammed into a limited number of other types in case of war, natural and other disasters.
7) One of these types is a special "governmental" type: a social type, which associates with genetically defined people, who become politicians or members of the government. Maybe in future science will find out that such a type has one additional chromosome or something like that. Not because of the educational or ideological, or psychological development but by genes such people have distorted moral, ethical, and other special attitudes, which "normal" people do not have. On the opposite spectrum of social life - in the criminal elite, terrorist and rebel organizations (or in nationalist-separatists' leadership) are the same types as in the government. That's why anarchists, communists, Zionists, fascists are not better or even worse then traditional governments. Another type - a type of an entrepreneur (busyness type) - is very close to the "governmental" type. Both of these types correspond to material wealth, prosperity and social success. They have an option to convert in each other under extreme circumstances.
8) There are approximately 80 social types in human society.


1) This world (the world of humans) is ruled by Chaos: laws of coincidences. Individually, socially, historically - chaotical movements, processes, or appearances cover and define just anything in this world. They have an eternal impact on everyday life of every human - as well as on destiny in general. On primitive level these laws are called "good" or "bad" luck, curse, destiny, fate, or Parkas in ancient mythology. They award some people in society and punish some others. One is considered as "lucky", when another one as "unlucky". Why? Because for different people Chaos works differently. It always socially "motivated" or oriented.
2) For people, whose way of thinking is directed against evil, - rules of chaos are devastating. In other words, they are punished by these rules. If you started just thinking (without even manifesting your thoughts through words) that the government is shit, everything is corrupted, justice does not exist even on paper, all respected and successful people are con artists, liars, fraud masters, bastards or fools, - rules of Chaos starting to punish you immediately. In an unknown, metaphysical way people begin to avoid you as if they could read your thoughts, you're loosing your work, your wife insists on separation, and your friends are avoiding you. You're finding yourself in a tragic situation, in misery, isolation, and desperation. It happens even with people, whose social and psychological type prevents them from displaying their thoughts and attitudes in their behavior, or emotions, or tone. Nothing have been changed in you since you started thinking critically towards socially powerful things, but in a mysterious way you instantly experience devastating consequences. People with sick imagination (or very young people, or primitive individuals) have a tendency to think that they are persecuting by the government or another powerful force. In reality on that level they are not persecuted yet, they just receive a "mark", a "black mark", which socially will further point on them for all types of the governing social elements as people who must be persecuted.
3) If your criticism manifests itself on a higher level (not just thoughts), and directed against injustice, violence, governmental fraud and inhumanity, intolerance, corporate conspiracy, etc. - everything happens faster and more devastative.
4) Facing that situation, people of the "governmental type" would rather put that devastating effect on society's shoulders, fighting back with violence, organizing a terrorist (or revolutionary) network, which in a deeper sense is an "anti-government". An "anti-government" is the same as the government, only with an opposite sign (plus-minus).
5) People of the "innocent type", who have no abilities to manipulate others or take violent, offensive (aggressive) steps, will never managed that situation and will become victims of the system's oppression.
6) There are some mysterious and complicated dependencies between "innocent" social types - and creativity, talent, originality. The overage of the talented, creative people among "innocent" social types is much higher then among "busyness-governmental" and "executive" types. The most of the geniuses of the past in art, music, literature, science, philosophy were victims of their societies and died in misery and surrounded by ignorance. If you belong to an "innocent" social type - you will be prevented from a "good" employment in your domain or from an employment at all: no matter how good you are, even if you're a unique high-level professional. In the most serious cases the government itself restricts talented people from their professions.
7) People of the "non-innocent" social types mostly succeeding in material life not only because the have more aggressive, offensive, double-standards' approach, but also because laws of chaos (coincidences) work for them differently then for "innocent" types. If gambling, such "non-innocent" social types win much more often then "innocent" types even without cheating. In telemarketing, gambling, on stock markets, in road accidents, in sport, etc. they are always in a better position because the rules of coincidences work in favor of them.
8) "Rules of chaos" (coincidences, chaotic movements) somehow define, whom to do a favor, from the genetical code. Their most punitive approach is towards a rare social type (maybe 0,05% of the society), which fights injustice and evil with passion without having any profit from it, only troubles. This is the most non-compromised, non-corrupted social type. That type is always a victim of coincidences. When people of that type are in a hurry, a metro train always delayed. When they going shopping, the product they need is not in the store. A wooden wall falls on them, a bicyclist hits them, their desk brakes destroying their computer, and so on. They injure themselves more often then other people. They never or in exceptionally rare occasions win. People call them "absent-minded", but that can not explain a systematic bad luck, which such people have.

9) Rules of chaos are programmed to work in that way to preserve injustice, keep it on a high level, prevent people, who are fighting injustice, from any real impact on human society. They also prevent intruders from denouncing the most fundamental (for that generation) secrets of nature and society. That's why everyone who went too far ahead of his (her) generation in any area - had a tragic end. Geniuses, evil-fighters and freedom seekers are suppressed not only by the regimes, but by the rules of coincidences, too! Their works are normally ignored, forgotten or even forbidden. The basic rule says: SOCIETY MUST STAY AWAY FROM ANY CHANGES! Knowledge, the level of the technical progress is changing, but the society remains the same, with the same principles and prevalence of injustice. The most talented people are suppressed because they might change the society a bit in their generation. Later, after 2-3 generations, the above-human mechanism of the supernatural force, which rules the human world, adjusts to geniuses' discoveries, and adjusts the same social mechanisms to stop any impact of geniuses' works.
10) People will never be allowed to: a) stop social injustice b) know about the center of planet Earth, extremes of Universe and human nature c) find out secrets of universal law of chaotic movements (processes, appearances, etc.), light, time, and other dimensions. Anyone who will try too hard to find out these extremes, will be destroyed.


1) As I described in a number of previous chapters, social injustice is needed to prevent people from understanding of "above-social", universal injustice, which can lead to concentration on out-social things, what can damage society's functionality; prevention of basic changes is needed to destroy chances for society to evolve in something else.
2) Human beings are a stream of energy, or a movement through time. It is a kind of a "computer program" but on a higher level and much more complicated/sophisticated. That's why by rapid changes it can be corrupted and self-destroyed.
3) Disintegration of society without fight for justice is guaranteed. That's why the up-human force allows that fight to go and produces a small number of passionate "evil" (injustice) fighters as one of the smallest group (social type). In the same time injustice can not be defeated or even considerably reduced: then the "program" will be corrupted. This is the reason why "saints" are always just few, and why they are never successful. They are sacrificed on behalf of the society as a whole.
4) Elimination of necessary number of fighters for justice and accumulation of lie, injustice and corruption above an extreme level also leads to disintegration of society, and threats to the very existence of the mankind.
5) In the past, when humans were depending from outside systems (nature, wild animals, hardship of getting food, etc.) the Mechanism was a little bit different then now. After extending technical progress on such a level that it can supply enough resources to fed up and cover all human population the rules of the game are strict:
a) because the very existence of humans depends on the presence of all social types, including the tinniest and "week", societies must provide at least minimum survival for the most threatened and extincting; in past centuries it was a wide diversity between representatives of such groups in wealth, social status, ect, when now they almost exclusively belong to the most deprived and socially depressed group of population, living in poverty, under physical and mental tortures;
b) countries like India, Pakistan, Bangla-Desh, and others, where tenth and tenth of million of people are treated more worse then cattle, are self (and not only self: intra and contra) destructive; they are threat to the whole human world, threat of a real danger of destruction; with their nuclier arsenal and madness they can easily destroy the whole civilization;
c) other countries, in Europe and North America (plus Australia and New Zeland), in spite of still remaining gap in human treatment between them - and south countries, took course for neo-feudalism and deprivation citizens of their rights. If minimum wages give not even a chance to subsist, welfare was abolished, Medicare becomes inaccessible for the poor: it is a new era of slavery, which, combined with the technical progress and computerization (mathematization of human world), will lead to such a horrible consequences, which can not be predicted.
The program "humanity" is already altered. The world around us has been already corrupted. However, it was corrupted not from the "justice" and "goodness" platform, but from an opposite category. And it leaves no exit, no even a chance to be saved...