speaking in tongues
guided by voices

anna glazova


translated by mx

romantics, or the prod

beyond the ship running away like a wave
there is ashes in the pipe
the cinders
the scull and bones
the balm
the rum
to gall the shoulder with the pole
the south-
east outspread like a spanless sail
to wax the prow, the scupper,
the slip and the deck
the cabin without bulkheads
the farness
a human like wild
the instrument
the helm in the hands of the
buccaneer the prod.

mouth contraction

the pupil's handful of red pebbles will burst open
the hazel vessel of the mouth
feellication by

crooked tooth

with the back cambreled asunder
the tree of the waterworks
the shoulder blade
the perch
the bait of the edging
you've got to with a thread
and a cork
with an apron and a vial
over the perched wing
you've got to her skirt
the window out of the waterworks
and no pain


it heaves
with the rived off flag
this half-skull of a face
and if by the wind at least
with the sincere with
the knockotap of the hot
and if i may no coffee not the coffee not the
rain; i'm loweing myself
in the long evening onto the wet
the glass-holder. the trembling rairoad car. freezi
and if then with sugar with the fan of the fingers trembling the face
and with the hole cut in the flag bregma
to the burnt one's horizon
tality between the right one plantation
and the shoulder
young lady you've got it broken out and
a wire
the second one of the face hello? hello? yes.
it vomits
under the bed?

an alien death

an obituary
a hatchet
a reproduction. mmm??
a motion with a newspaper
an alien entranceway
aaaaa eastern eastern oriental
facing the; fast cross x cross

* * *

a telegram
sign here
not tuesday more like the necktie
need the signature?
(to those who enter without inknockin)

the neoghetto

a beam has fallen
on the architect
the workers' hands are bloodied
torah torah torah to the torn fingernails
and the evening of perusal in the pigsty


getting deeper into the reference point.
the stump of the thermocore
the radius measured by the ear and by ear and by ear
into the delta of circumference
the ostium

a crashwound

a twist-in with a knot
a herbowad
into the pink woundatomy
the brownwool is sewn
into the rectowound
a hexoindent
is a yellow square frame
a sextainjury of the raphe
a blue star

the scene

a group of three.
hating what is called the luxury
he dips into the golden rash.
the doctor enters.
the mother and the son huddle to the window
the receptor writes out a receipt
with an electrically blue charge.
a group of four:
they swap their faces.
exchanging glances
the doctor and the receptor pull out a cartridge.
the cartridge the doctor as a blue vaccine
under the scrofulous skin there breezes the disease
the synopsis:

the gynekosher

in the yollow floor
there's some ruest
the woeman in the ceiling
from her cutoff
with its gall guttae
the cutglass chandelier trickles down
the lyttlecrystals the lustres of sangua
with sagging spangles
sophisticided by the haunces

francis bacon

a door
the melting gammon of bacon
these are the doors and the flame where the
blue flame of the pure reason enters.
inflaming the shard of madness
desire pulls apart
the warm red fat the veal bloody white
a-shirt on the bare body of the holey butcher.
the space everts the corporal angle
and its carcass and its psyche hang on the gas socket desiring it blows up
in the bluish squeezed bacon over the red egg of the vivivore
into the doorway of the breakfast room like a swivel chair there flows in
stirring the whole thigh the still very whole meathandle
and the butcher's buxom wife. his pink and his blue
blow up with the bad with the unstrained
the fire takes off the gas soars with the blue and red in a spiral roll-up
a fluffy paper flower is pulled on the gigot without soiling the hands

the shag

into the sea up to his waist
the headsman Roach enters.
the cross at his chest melts down very much
baring his red hair.
he lights up.
the roach dandruff and it flakes
off the tip
this ash-salt-stream.
the compound
the beer washes over the wave with the ocean froth
the mould blooms on metal.
the marine crawls upon the pebbles.
Roach wearily
the wall sags under the back's burden
he drags on. the stripes. the beer overflows.
the dried breathes of the bitterness:
the sorrowfully limnetic sedimentarily salt.
Roach blows his nose into the hanging hood
the roach sobbing: death to it
already smoked through by the ashes and cinders
of the crust on the scalp one on one
golden iron to the red-haired chest. the hands.
wrapped in several layers hoarsely lets the saliva out onto the bottom

(an immediate reaction to presence)

the small


slope slope
trench slant
mount mountain
part. the part.
head sea
sail yellow
locuse ction
of the wire. the postulate.
wide narrow
water ahead
prod strip
the skin. the stripped skin.
the skin. the stripped skin.
the skin
the glove
the bared
hand the skin.


the wire. the ghetto. an eastern landscape.
over the sea the sedge rustles softly and in front of the pupil
the reeds resound
the city withers in the shackles of the night watch
the double body sinks to the meat straw
with a crinkle of dense grass.
zooming cicadas skewer slowly.
slowly the curtain goes down like a shroud
this is the first time i taste your life
you wince but there is no tearing off
the palms of your hands
your knees
your births
your departures into a hollow name
your touches
to drink of yours
to drink
to drink

the cryptographon

like a cleft along the neckedvinyl
a septaneedle crawls
yellow up the sleeve
the sound of comma
dance of the cruciheex and the consonant
of the quinteye and the sonant gas
with the whole electroneedle
with the vein along erasurerift

the bonewaltz

dash of heart
thru the heart
verm of heart
gloam is verm
call are born
face of gray
fan of fin
(falling on the hands)

broken by the sea

(the crib is broken and the sunken island is immobile
like a slowly blazing starlit sky the sunset will go blind;)
the broken punctures the soft bone
the toddler with a curly the toy
onto the hairy beard
the mother's heart
like a bearing in the bulkheads
the cloud will rise
the toddler will roll the hurting hip in tears
o tear
o tear with aspiration

the song of songs

with a voice softer than the yellow ghetto walls
the girl sears
she has eaten both the child and the cross
the blood disseminated through unleavened bread
the mouth
grinning blue
the walls with an obscene hole
the girl cauterizes
the pale blue eyed breast with the brand
the snatchwound with the hexagram of her brandiron
in between the thighs

the grant of death

job came to the rabbi
sei gesund job
hayweh willing rabbi
rabbi cabba
you're like golem job
you let me kill myself rabbi
bless you job god
be off rabbi to see
how i will kill myself rabbi
rabbi: yahweh son job for the love of god
job: in peace
and in pain
rabbi: let's go

behind the wall

the town is the penetrating wound.
bullet-bulging the town
like a bulkhead,
in the stone-muscle-sack of the town
bullet-bulging the suture of town
behind the wall after 11 in the town
of the alien pyroyim
like a burnend
through the townscald

the radiohit

soho so high
with the powder
it fuckled
of the churning, the treacle
the taufftophoto
for the life of

the horrorzone song

the dress of gauze
viscose its hem along
the torn grass
through the music burnt
sewn in with the number
the tattoo
into the striped skin
she's hennaed
the burnt out places of hair
the taufftogas tower
the inquinine feveshock
the woman in the striped shaggy rumen
in the scabrous banner
crucified the flag on the wind
circular the concerocamp


there's a numeral on the face
a numbered mideye
a ginger train
fordone benumbed mummified
knees are charred
id est:
near the church
there's the ptomaine rusted dung
the song by strauss as a wagner
a moon crater
a gone mouth
the blindivarive

the semiotics of kosher

the stones are scooped out
the precious teeth
the silver cross is
staked breast-deep
into the rib menorah
the fat-free sheep the hoove
to the crucifix orificed sulphorax
of the thurification
by animasphyxiated blood
and pith
of the septiaspenness

one tree

abel has hanged himself
rachel has put together a table
the lonely wood
on the burnt away
the ashaspen
the pulp block
of the celibacy and simply death

a semihalf sharp

a halfglass of red
the rind of berith
a half of tabern
a knife on the table
the reveal
no use
the wife doctors the sevenyearsold
the rabbi eats the kosher child

the flagpole postulate

with the yellow pathdust
the lunescape
the heeless shoo print
insopole the
stockflag on the flagpole
the stalag amened named
the luneger aimed
the breadth is painted along
and named after the name
the luneflame of the fleshwoven
from the skinned leather
the walls of prototelos

phinnegan's knee

from the pronumbered moon down to earth

wind snow

onto a hair
sit it down sad
is tickin assroat of the round wind
you are sitting down with the ash to the throat
into the crossvortex
into the hairmchair
into the cysthaunch
of the intwisted
into the striped-round assham of the armchair
knife my
thigh you
o solosaltmon

goethe and the ghetto

goethe was standing
stone-like between
the walls of the ghetto
goethe was standing like a phallos
among the vowels-and-halves
claying in from right to left
into bolem

gefilther phisch

the moon is emerging like a yellow moray
the moon like a yellow moray
like a yellow moray with a
the lunelicke
the cycloflood
like a yelloweel
the autosharkie
with a gasgash
to fress the minzemoray
the luneglut
fasht the luneflesht homoflescht of the moon

a rustling explosion

(a yellow blue walls encompass the lunescape like a threshold.
slowly they incline trianguastral.
the whitemeat melts on the skewer rustling: spiral breast on the crucified tripod, the Roach wethers a ewe.
the blue sea relishes the absolute brachiopillow
the pointblank shot dissects the guillotine cable; the blue eye rolls out and she hurries to pick it up.
the dry saltfish is sandsough-stuffed.
the butcher lowers his blood-shot eyes not to shed his soul.
in a small house with a tall chimney they fill up the bent syringe and sharpen the flame on a spoon.
a shred of sandgolem sinks to the bottom. the froth. the hay rustling on meat.
the ashes; flaked off from the wall the old paint like blue hyperoxide
both breathe in the quinine through the whisperous pipe.
the salpeter salt extinguishes the calcium with the slow chlorine susurration; she explodes. he rotates the ferrum.
the walls and Roach with the knive twisted to torture liver burn like a gas-station
like silver foliage
the bottom of the aqua ichthya glass. upon the face the lunar crater shines with the blanched cryptoluminowhisp;
the face snacks with cheese and ash, faces, to the neonate uterus, and doesn't say.)

the fascicle

the wind
fans the stove
the fauces of sand
the gentile to the flame
the flame of the pyre
the papyrette
semeny self-
the town of lodz
steppin with a fascicle
the liverhold daybottomed
the brandirons
gathered in the fist
of her hairashing:::::::
Tauturuswalled is
the Roacham
in golemo ariyeh


the suskirr
the scartuary
the subeyigkeit yolk
shashashashasha the embroidered brandiron
sustihaired shriemped
the shrimp at noon's sumeridin exodus


the northouth stellasurgeon
the whitefish
occinking into the orientlet
the water from under the gill
taking its nostrils whispers the name with its snout
into the sealotus
of the utterless ear


(a small girl of about 7)
(a small girl of about 77)
froufrou fraufreadom
on the road (p.777)


behind the screans
nuding shosha
exsanguinates on a jewdol

holocaust wake

goethe and schiller are taken in hand smiling
onto the sacrum of the bluefingers' sixsconce
dewed is the buccaneer sail
like zoecumene it shore-sailing
the spearheads of umbilirella
the path breaks off into the air and the liver.
rachel on her way de-livers the shroudeath
rabblebrewed by the tasticles froth the brandiron is gogglyforeskinned
the lunelove
of the tautorourus
the toughtour
the turbophoto on the slowburn
the honed face of the jobolem
tucked up in the unburied grave
unjobdead lunelove
the perch
o wound
o tear
o tear with aspiration