Speaking In Tongues
Scribbling In Voices


Translated by Max Nemtsov

© 1992



Words & music: N.Pivovarova

He ain't need no American wife
He wants his gofer to be always around
Or at least to serve as his personal bag-carrier
For it's extremely unbecoming for his position
To carry his umbrella by himself
And he wants his girl to sit at his feet with serene resignation
And to be generous with love and caress
And he doesn't want anyone to want anything from him
He ain't need no American wife
He doesn't love you, he loves her -- the one who serves and cooks
Or just sits there and keeps silent, thinking her thoughts
And God forbid to squeak a word against him
But anyway, he doesn't love a full moon
He can't stand anyone crying
He thinks himself lucky when he's left alone
He doesn't want to, he can't be any different
He ain't need no American wife
And if you don't want to get in return
His look of reproach and of tired hate
And if you want to break free from slavery
You've got to understand that you can only leave him 'cause
He ain't need no American wife


Words & music: N.Pivovarova

What does the tropical bird sing about
Perhaps about a night flight
And how hot is the day but the night opens up wide
And she sings why she doesn't make a nest
What the tropical bird sings about...
What does the tropical bird sing about?
How sick she is of colors of the day
How the night is thirsty and the day is blinding with its fire
And how sleepless she is at night -- but why?
What the tropical bird sings about...


Words & music: N.Pivovarova

What can I tell you, my friend, about Paris?
Paris, oh Paris!
It's so beautiful here that you can't eat, you can't sleep
Paris, oh Paris!
Here you will be charmed and dazzled by emerald eyes
Golden cupolas and extremely slender legs
And here at some country villa
You'll be given the English Channel as a souvenir by William
And then, in a big shiny car you will be escorted back to Paris
Oh Paris!
And in the suburbs there's the wonder town of Versailles
Paris, oh Paris!
It is all polished silver and sparkling crystal
Paris, oh Paris!
And there in the green shadows of parks
You'll be laughing together with Mark
And if it rains, and if it's hot -- you'll keep silent about that
And once you will be singing "chez Bobur"
Oh what a funny procedure
And if you're not a fool you'll get paid for it
And then you'll hurry to the disco -- Paris, oh Paris!
And swirling lights will dance all around you
Paris, oh Paris!
And Louie will drive you crazy with his music
Paris, oh Paris!
And in the restaurant "Perestroyka" we can sing in Russian
And then the night Paris will take you and your new friends again
And in some music bar
The black guy will fascinate you with his guitar
And you'll run all the way after him again to Paris
Oh Paris!


Words & music: Ye.Yudanova

This is the downfall, this is the failure, and yet
Sing me your song and maybe it helps me
Wait, wait a little, it's just that you're tired
Close your eyes for a minute, and when you open them there
Will be spring, it will be spring again
I remember that after cold winters there always comes spring
But I'm wrong again, I'm always wrong and I know it
I might go insane but l'm not likely to be afraid of it
Year after year, the strength is ebbing and still no money
Year after year, the strength is ebbing -- but tomorrow there will be
Spring -- it will be spring again
I remember that after cold winters there always comes spring
It's just a disaster, you can't forget all the gloomy melodies
lt's just a disaster, but you and me -- we know the remedy
Year after year, the nights are longer, the days are shorter and darker
Year after year, the summer is gone, but there will be spring again
It will be spring again
I remember that after cold winters there always comes spring
Dazed with hurt, clinging to the very edge
I play with you and you sure play with me
I know that soon you'll forget me but I don't even care
I'm sleepless again
I remember that with every new love there spring flies to rescue
And the first star washed in showers
Will sing to us, will shine to us
April will warm its lost children
And I'll smile but don't believe me
This is the downfall, this is the failure, and yet
Sing me again and maybe your song will help me
It's pitch black over me and the dark clouds are ever threatening
The turns of the road are sharper, it's tougher and tougher
But tomorrow there will be spring -- it will be spring again
I remember that after cold winters there always comes spring
In the splashing sparkles of rain a new April is woven
From the threads of wonderful dreams and amazing songs
And nothing can compare to it
Let it be the savage but the last snowstorm's up ahead
We can't live without each other
My hope is spring
My hope, my hope eternal is spring


Words & music: Ye.Yudanova

This is the city of sick lights
Yellow whirlpool of eyes, clear and untrue
Every night I come and perish in your neon fever
I forgot how to sleep long ago
I don't remember where there's night, there's day, there's morning
There's only hungry gloaming, mad dance, sick lights dance
I won't recognize you again -- you won't notice me again
Wet city -- yellow crisscrossed evening
Dance of overturned lilies over the water
This is the city of the dangerous, the city of the lovers
The city of sick lights
And the electric world of homeless streets leads me away again
And the immured glitter of cold lights drinks me dry again
They dissolute my home, I don't even try to find my way back
There's only hungry evening and cheating wind that drives me crazy
I won't recognize you again -- you won't notice me again
Wet city -- you probably don't love me
Tormented by rains, oh my vagabond
Like me, like you, like you and me


Words & music by Ye.Yudanova

Now the doorbell again -- like a bullet through the temple
You're just a split hair from life
Ocean of love is spilled in the world
Why does no one hurry to get up then?
I'll gather the shattered fragments of yesterday
They confuse everyone but me
And the tough lesson of yesterday's words
Couldn't eradicate my secret vice
You won't wake me up, my little alarm-clock, for my sleep is sweet
Again I dreamed of the one, ah who's in love with me
I'll paint my face, for a starter I'll make my mouth red
And in this new grey day I'm starting my crusade
But where the hole in the stocking is from?
I have to find me a quiet corner and stand there still
I'm going mad over a slow fire
You're tender both in May and in November
You confide only in the morning dawn
But you're always alone -- ah, bring the wine!
Only there's no wine -- and you're alone again
The visual is a real scorcher
From the thigh to the West -- full speed ahead
You're so simple that I'm bored with you
Oh, leave me -- but no, stay awhile

You've been captured long ago by a sort of the immaculate legs'
Silhouette, by outlandish grasses, by perfumed dreams
You're in the crossfire of eyes, you're trying to run away in vain
You're shy but I'll reply "no", "no, yes" or just "yes, oh yes" as usual!
There's a terrible draught from the window
Good morning -- you're alone again
Oh, I'll definitely go crazy
Open the window wide with your frail hand
How serene is the sky above
Fix your hair for the wind to caress your temple
Don't mind the prints of frequent losses round your eyes
Now the bell is ringing at your old door
Now the doorbell again...


Words & music: I.Volkova

The voice scattering the shreds of melodies
Will shut up, it will come to itself -- and start all over again
I'm sleeping, and it drives me crazy
Impossible to wake up until I ask, until I find out
Who are you, oh Humming-Bird, you wonderful deceiver


Words & music: A.Khvostenko

Midnight, I went for a stroll
I was walking down the alley in the dark
Suddenly I saw a maiden who was standing in the shadows crying
I said, where have I seen you before
Pray tell me who did you wrong
Who had abandoned you?
You're Orlandine, you're my destiny
Trust me for I recognized you
Yes, that's me, she said
Yes, Orlandine is my name
You said that you'd seen me before
And you know that it's you who did me wrong
It's you who had abandoned me
But for you I'll forget my tears
I'll come with you if you call me
And I shall be yours
Oh, I said, how I wish to put my arms around you
To kiss the sleeve of your gown
So come fall into my open arms! --
And at that very moment
Stiff hair sprang from the maiden's clear brow
The eyes flashed red, she screamed like a bird
And her face turned wolfish
The monster grabbed me
And voluptuously cried
Its loathsome cry
You see, I'm not Orlandine
So, I'm Orlandine no more
I'm Lucifer!
You see, you're in my paws
You can smell my horrible sulfur stench
You can hear the roar of my flames...
It cried so and sank its tooth
Its ancient copper tooth into my forehead
Satan itself


Words & music: N.Pivovarova

Ball, Saturday Ball
Tonight again
Tonight we won't sleep at all
We'll dance tonight again
Take off your carnival mourning suit
Dance, dance with me
Let your eyes not be silent and your make-up somber
Dance, dance with me
Look, and look quick how active are shadows by the door
But for that black silhouette -- why there is no movement?
No one can tell
Wake, oh wake up
No one's asleep and you wake up
I want to know who could tell you that you can sleep
And if you don't want to tell me don't lie
We'll celebrate the sunrise together
And now you understand that there's no death
To be is much harder and you won't dare to leave now
You can go out only for a moment to have a smoke


Words & music: N.Pivovarova

In the faraway wonderful country
There lives a lonely mountain
It looks at the skies till the morning
And it is quite happy
But Fuji is still awake
Fuji hasn't gone to bed yet
Fuji is still awake
But once upon a time it happened
The mountain made up its mind to take a nap forever
But a star fell from the skies
And tenderly rolled down its shoulder
And Fuji is already awake
Fuji hasn't gone to bed yet
Fuji is already awake
And for such a long long time
The neighbor mountains couldn't understand
Why it doesn't want to sleep
How can it burn with love
And Fuji is still awake
Fuji hasn't gone to bed yet
Fuji is still awake


Words and music: N.Pivovarova

I didn't let me sleep, I was afraid to miss the spring coming
And my dreams tried to put a spell on me and charm me into the land
Where the waves are splashing at the rock cliffs and flowers
Where our souls are filled with sweet perfume and green grass
Where no one ever tells you: I'm tired, I'm so tired
And somewhere in a big city the dreams have long come true
And you got in there by chance
But the look in your eyes is stone cold because of winter
And you forgot
That the waves are splashing at the rock cliffs and flowers
That our souls are filled with sweet perfume and green grass
That you never told anybody: I'm tired, I'm so tired
And it's sort of time to sleep but why do we again sit there sadly
This long long winter borrowed the pennies of our souls
And somewhere there are waves splashing at the rock cliffs and flowers
Some other souls are filled with sweet perfume and green grass
And you just sit there silently and only from time to time you say
I'm tired, I'm so tired
Winter, this winter still lingers on


Words: A.Vasilyev
Music: N.Pivovarova

Let me into the streetcar
The train to the old age is catching up with me
Idle shouts of "Banzai" torment my wallet
I fell down yesterday and can't pick me up today
I'll buy myself all the tickets and the wine all the way down to hell
Don't be so quick to spend all your money
The first thing, buy yourself the book of departures and arrivals
Girls are looking at the paper streamers of your travel thoughts
Brightly and clearly -- Don't cool down your freshness
And cherish the tenderness of your lines -- this is the bird flight
Tomorrow the black rime of your cozy eyelashes
Will sweetly hide your brow into the ice
Let me into the streetcar
The ashes of the old age are crowning me
Hey, conductor, take care, I'll pay you though we're not acquainted
Be quick to close the doors -- here flutters the agitation
Of the force that climbs after me -- The moment ain't gonna be bored
Don't be upset, the spell will fade away
You'll greet the morning the last on the road
This is just your birthday that came out with you
To take a short walk in the evening


Words and music: N.Pivovarova

The loneliness ain't gonna stop me if I have my couple of horses
That dance their flaming dance as a reward for my lost powerlessness
They steal you and give you wings 'cause you've been faithful
l'll take my hot horses to the East, to the East
And let that road be not very long for the three of us
I'll give them water, I'll wash them with spring water
I'll caress them before they go to sleep
And I ain't gonna let anybody scare them
They're gonna fly to the horizon in the morning
Brushing clouds with their manes
Blinding the sun with their brightness
They're gonna be supernaturally beautiful
And you're gonna gasp with happiness
And the chaos is gonna bewitch you
And this will seem like the love bewinged
That draws the envy from the world
The blood retribution won't scare those three proud lovers
This moment is remembered by eternity
And love is gonna recreate it
I'll take my horses to the East, to the East...