Speaking In Tongues
Guided by Voices


by Lilyann Vassago

Captured In Clay

Forever rushes me,
I'm loosing might to see,
I'm blind.
When sudden shame
With tongues of liquid flame
Throws me in voids of pain,
I cry.

Captured in clay,
A senseless movie I play,
A scent of moral decay
Follows my way.
Tangled in brain,
No more illusions of sanity
I m set on my aim
That keeps me moving

Awakes in head o'mine,
No matter where I fly,
How fast,
With flare in eyes
I get enraptured with lies,
No need to ever arise, I m
Lust, rust, dust

You think it's an afflatus that illumes my smile?
It s my hungry ego that sucks your life.
Humanity s a virus dwell in veins of the Earth.
You ll get just what you re worth,
I ll get just what I m worth.

Stay inwards.

Skies Aflame

Wary brume beetles over Earth.
Three elements don't let u breath the fourth
Water drops, bits of dirt, brazen dust --
You may laugh but our souls are in rust.

Come on scream louder,
Lacerate the clouds --
I wanna see the skies aflame.
Like the kittens blind,
Scratching, warm my heart.
I adore/abdicate --

When you re tangled between two orbs,
Worse can be yet to burn from inwards.
Ground breaths gasoline. I breath the ground.
I'm in order for long. Do exploit me out.

Come on fly higher,
Shred the fog of iron --
I wanna see the skies aflame.
You can eventually turn me off.
I agree. No dismay.

You plunge me in state of despond.
Where are you my painted god?
We can try to convert the world.

Breathing Rain

Then extended all the breaches of the skies --
Lurid brooks flow by and near,
Drift away the cars and human lives.
We re lucky people -- gorging azure tears.
This city is down.

I ll open the window wide,
The rain enfolds my house of flame.
Dribbles quiver in lungs o mine.
I m breathing rain.

Have you ever seen the heavens cry?
Say, have you allayed the sky?

Why do I feel so serene? The air is pure.
Toss my head and stare at wet celestial eye.
Stroke my arms, embrace the sky, a thing of poor,
Solacing. Show me the day-star, be so kind!
This city is down.

Widely I ll open my eyes,
The rain will enter my clay.
Floods will surge in lungs o mine.
I m breathing rain.

Water rinses souls and streets from scars of pain,
And my spine, while here I sit,
Disembodied, high arose, crashes then
With the rainfall trickles into the concrete.
This city is down.

Flying On

While the music of autumn plays quietly in mind,
I imagine your flight in the turquoise of sky.
I stare at the stars, see a picture of strange.
I know it s the aeon, her array and derange

You ask me Don t let me fall!
You re so high above me, you re flying on.

I hate your love and clay, I can t stand
The look of this scars on your crippled hands.
It seems to be love, this scabby word.
To whom? What for?

The answer I'll read in the depth of your eyes,
While kissing your lips, covered with ice.

The Life Will Stop (If I Close My Eyes)

When halves of canopy forever part,
Rejecting down an avalanche of pain,
Then alleviated breath I ll take,
But now, from the single spot of white
Amid that splendor of the burning skies
Sublime Eternity laughs at my poor hopes,
While staring through amorphous holes of times.
But I just know the life will stop,
If I close my eyes.

There s no one all around. Puppets rave
In ageless agony mad starlets wrapped in clay,
Not knowing, if they meet another day.
A caitiff world, preparing for the grave.
I let the walls dance on -- I m not afraid.
I knoweven if they dare to fall,
Invulnerable, woundless I shall stay,
Still an illusion, incorporeal at all.

Do violate me, if you re the one you say
A sword of justice, a meaty avatar.
Swearmore than anything you to succeed I crave,
Do violate me, if you can go that far.
I tear electric bowels in the skies.
I m bit benevolent to all your mob,
While not to fall asleep I hardly try,
'Cause I just know -- the life will stop,
If I close my eyes.


Life goes on everywhere, all around.
Endless stream or life flows, horrid rate within.
Only me, lost in a void of this town,
Forever stuck in a pit of my holy sin.

Are you reason of my descend
From the sky to the ground, an angel with broken wing?
Have you ever seen the beginning of the end,
Dancing on a razor blade, have you ever been?

I can tell you of numerous things,
If you ever ask, if you ever believe
Love and death, and the life, what it means,
How it comes, how it goes, why we die, why we live.

But you think you re the chosen one,
Just like me, just like anyone who s like me.
You re sure no one ever saw the sun
Like it is, like it was, like it gotta be.

You are silent and loud, a monument to yourself,
Building walls of fame tall around your head.
Maybe I m not sure it s your only wealth,
Maybe you re worth much more than you ever had.

I can only say, I am not an ant,
Creeping through the holes of illusions mount
I m the power you can, or cannot, withstand,
And you're the most perfect one I have ever found.


I can fly,
I carry the fire in hands,
Eternity s augured by time,
The faceless wind takes away my days.

Silence, silence --
I can t draw a breath.

Dif'rent barmy thoughts breed in head o mine,
I will hold my palms by the flame.
Tongues of blaze, they will tell me the truth of life,
Why my eyes keep a mixture of brains.

But a flight, it s such an ethereal state,
It s too hard to descend from the skies to the ground.
I thought all these feelings will go away,
But the only thing stayed when the light went down

Silence, silence --
I can t draw a breath.

Born To Fly

Don't look at me
I killed my bird of blue.
Too much I wished to be
For you.
To move the mounts
I swore to all the gods.
But when I look around,
See what I ve got

My air was your name,
But now I breathe the flame.
And the rain starts falling
Through my misty eye --
See me crawling
I was born to fly.

A gift of great
I had in timid hands,
A treasure of my fate,
Like sand,
Winds took away;
A rose torn in bloom,
Without your love I fade,
Forever doomed.

Breathe In -- Breathe Out

Suffocation of soul,
Disaster of truth
Sweating through
Me whole.
Disappeared in light
My ideals of stone.
Noise of chrome

To find the key of heart's door
No one. Never more.

Silence of violence
In my hands I hold.
After thy laughter
Comes my last word.
Face me, erase me
I breathe thy war.
Tell me thy pain never more.

Darkness breeds inside my mouth
Breathe in -- breathe out --
In these metal skies I fly -- again -- alone.

Call Me Home

Sacred thought within my mind,
Heard the coming of the time,
When to quit the wheel of life,
Stretch my hand for what is mine.

Only one of all the men,
Seized my fortune flying straight,
And I feel my wings again
In the victory of faith.

Leaving fear all alone,
I will fly along.

I was born to find the way
Out of chains of human rules.
No more power makes me stay
Goat Supreme to lead the fools.

Care no more of world that sleeps
In the sweet embrace of lies
Only matters I can breathe
Air of wisdom as it flies.

Rosy fingers of thy palm,
Brother Jesus, call me home,
Leaving fear all alone,
I will fly along.

Child Of Doubt

A weak-kneed only brat of lady pretty old,
A body of a lamb should be a place for such a soul.
Lil dumb to make decisions, appalled you hide in brume,
Out of your breath, in fear, flee through endless paths of doom.

Belay, begone, a spineless child of doubt, do
Weep to your so-called friends that no one cares of you,
Let mother-Earth keep cherishing your sorest clay,
Until another falling brick gives you escape.

Affright of open spaces, seem to abhore the skies,
You love the rainfall, tidal billows calming lullaby,
Their usual tears for nothing like you they act the same.
What if they moan at the barrow of your senseless days?

If once you firmly clenched the fist, determined in your words,
It would be...but won t leave the flesh that s bred in bones.
Keep crawling, maggot chaste, do call yourself a beer,
Stay one forever, draw your final breath in fear,
Unable to soar freely even in your dreams.

Colours Of Your Heart

You break the walls I built of stone,
You merge in life I lived alone --
I ll never know what made me start
The theme bout colours of your heart.

You say my truth is wrong,
Destroying world where I belong.
I live amid the roads of light,
But lacking words to prove I m right.

Your human mind -- it s filled with lies.
Open your eyes!

Just try to quit the usual line
Of thoughts decide to stay apart,
And time will come your eyes will shine
With splendid colours of your heart.

You say my truth is wrong,
Destroying world where I belong.
I got a way to prove I m right.
I ll bring you midst my roads of light.

Contradictions They Are

...when Chaos, self-exterminated, in labour agony gave birth to the Universe, the Supreme, having separated Light from Obscurity, laid the foundation to that chain of contraries fathomed then all the elements of existence. Contradictions will remain the entity of creation till the Universe, self-exterminated, gives birth to chaos time and again...

She was born, when Phaeton, child of Sun,
Strained the steeds of fire to the ground...
Wheels manoeuvred, burning all around,
Lava belched from Gaia's withered lungs.

She enters the world, like a nuclear blast,
The canopy melts in her flame,
She burns, but again he appears in lust
To solace her vigor with rain.

They are incompatible,
Contradictions they are.

He arrived with sheer aiguille streams,
Veil of thunderclouds hid his eyes.
Bland and drear in his foggy guise,
In a flare of lightnings brute and grim.

Without him the breathers howl in pine,
Without her the brine raves, overflowed.
They re incorporate the liquid then gets soared,
While it slakes the heat a harmony of twine.

They are indissoluble,
Contradictions they are.

Summon You (Lithium)

He was a song with metal name,
An angel bright with wing of gold.
He was a dream in wicked game
Of love she sold.

I hide his eyes inside my hand,
I cherish deep behind my lips
A prayer which in no man s land
His soul steel keeps

I summon you, drowned in waves of love

Now he's gone,
But will return,
When lucid light comes down this world,
To lead the ones
Awaited after us...

A snow-white, a bloody-red,
Like love and death -- like fire and chrome,
I bring carnations to your bed
Your final home.

Your fingers warm around my hand
Give no chance to deadly cold.
I will come back was what you said.
Now keep your word!

Like Jesus, for people you close your eyes
Like Jesus, arise!

Lucid Interval

I feel it s coming down.
All dots will be put not by us but time.
One bursts into laughter, another one cries,
But we pressed the tears out of the skies.

We ve been scattered all over the clouds,
Dissolved in the blue, in the air I hang.
Accompanied me the raindrops on wires,
While ditties of old I sang.

I m lucid, who ll tell me I m not?

Crystal fire in veins, frivolous eyes...
Who are you? Where am I?
Cold will come, and the heat, and the fright,
Much will come, later on, in a little bit time.

Second frozen, no thing around,
Now the moon sings my song for me.
I still keep breathing on while the melody sounds...
Hush! It s already here...

I m lost, who ll tell me I m not?

Fury overflowed as a scarlet wave.
Your silence today you give me.
Giftedness of this I withhold to take.
Forgive me.

Paint You Bright

Common child of this world,
Don't believe what I ve told,
Never touch my feelings again.
When I roam in your mind,
Leaving knowledge behind,
All my mental power s in vain.

Just a human -- so why...
My entirety dies,
When I drown in your eyes...

I feel your cold burn me from inside.
You brought me back to Earth from endless flight.
And when I look at you through inner light,
I paint you bright.

A glance, a breath, a strike, a scream,
A splash, a brilliant white beam
Of light tears dusk, a breath, a glance...
We ve got a life, we ve got a chance.

Just a human -- so why...
The reality dies,
When I drown in your eyes...


Black holes in reflection,
Words are stuck behind your twisted tongue.
Wait for an injection,
Wait a bit until the pain is gone,
Till you see the lightning.

Time is left behind you,
No more rules for you and no more means.
Fear grows inside you,
Fear of being tangled in your sins,
Cannot find the right way.

Voices speak about you,
But you never know what they say.
Life goes on without you,
And there s no idea what s the date,
Is it day or night now.

World can burn around you,
But you won t even see the light.
If your mother comes by,
You can simply take her for a night
And the shame won t strike you.

Skies are black and gray and
Rarely pierced with drops of pouring flame.
Small green men are playing
Balls with little pieces of your brain
And you do, you see them.

Your last woman left you
Just few hours ago -- or many years?
New one s named Dementia,
Kissing burning eyes with rotting lips
And your heart is in her jaws...

Your new goddess, paranoid they call'er...
Poor little creature, even now you think that you are sane?

Rise to the skies,
Fall on the ground,
Loose all your mind,
Lost in the crowd.
Rise to the ground,
Fall on the skies,
Swear all around,
Burn and revive.

Quiet Verity

Liquid ice of thy sayings
Flows through my veins,
Rude and senseless,
Leaving thee helpless.
Cripple flower awakes
In my ivory hands,
Whisp ring thy name, my nameless.
Standing tall in thy pride,
Spit thy doubt into mind,
Open wide, all that might turn thee faithless.

Pass me anything
Bothering thy light,
Never mind the state thee throw me in
Power s mine,
Father, bless my hand to do it right!

I ll asunder the sky,
Draw out the sunshine
Watch it smile
Through the fingers o mine.
Now I ask can't thee feel --
Not a thing is unreal.
Strain not to close thy eyes.
I will utter the words,
Sliding time from dead points.
Game is up to continue the life.

...celebrating quiet verity of love
From my inworld s name...


You pine to hide me under your skin.
But my eyes are the sheer sky.
Stars are not for a matchbox you can t put them in --
Not enough to say that s the thing you d like.
By the darkest cloth, all in holes of tiny,
Lays an immense scope of light,
Glaring brighter than myriads of suns.
You cannot perceive this with human mind.

In this world -- frail is my presence,
I don t even have a heart, begad,
It s just a small bird that awes in my breast.
Can I belong -- try to comprehend...

Beseeching to love you -- don t burn daylight.
I love you as a burgeon of dales
Enjoying the scent but I d never in times
Crave to take the bloom off it and own in my hands.
I m a fresco in heavenly dome s height,
And if you repress my flight,
The utter sky will decline on the ground
And you ll get just a poor illusion of life.

I drink from the crimson palms of afterglow
Bitter brew of solitude, feasting every drop.

Symphony Of Pain

Something horrid is happening here.
I came to fearing the light.
In nonchalant keenness are watching me
Thousands of city s windows weak-sighted.
Pores of planet face are jammed with corpses of machines,
Turbid drops of fright leak from dead eyes of sky.
Got accustomed hear no more the regular din of engines.
Like peculiar essence hangs the (panic) autumn glacial.

Symphony of pain
Never ending song of sampled voices. I hear it
In my chest -- the clockwork of heartbeat.
How long -- I'll stay -- here -- what's -- my aim?

Tired robot with your lips oily,
Don t look in my eyes or I ll make you see
Screw alive broke down -- fell down -- passed away,
His place will be taken by another the same.
My batteries get out of charge till the palpi of city
Wrap freak shot of residual life in concrete
I ll be demolished, new ones assembled, new -- more of you -- will appear
I seek not to cry to rust I fear.

Liquid metal flows through our veins unceasingly
We ve already learned to love electronically
Brain cells are replaced for micro schemes gradually
No more decease you turn off automatically


Rivers flow through heart,
Day comes soon to start
Again, in vain.
While my face grows pale,
Body s left for sale.
No pain, it s fate.

Believe me
Taste my tears.
Erase me
Taste my tears.
Forgive me
Taste my tears,
Taste my tears to die.

Believe me, trust me, betray me,
Cry and taste my tears.
Belong to me, do obey me,
Laugh and taste my tears,
Taste my tears to die.

You were born to sin,
You don t know what s in
My brain, insane.
Out of crowd you ve grown,
Living on your own
No pain, it s fate.

Leading on your play,
Never cross my way,
Don t fight my mind
When my hate breaks through,
I can damage you...
No fright, it s life.

Tender Source Of My Pain

Inside my chest it grows
In primal will to live
A lively dose
To take to give.

In worn-out suits of faith
So dif rent roles I ve played
Since lost your way
By silver cross-lined gate.

Tender source of my pain,
Just when you touch my name on the stone,
Thank me for leaving you all alone...
I ll never find you again...

You re the truth about me...

Through The Reality

Open the star gates as I come by,
Just for a moment to get inside.
Let it now seem not a minute flight,
But eternal Life.

I ll get in touch there with other worlds,
Where my unreal demented thoughts
Will actuate in desired force
Without help of Lords.

Widely I stroke my endless wings,
Turned into vortex of whistling wind,
Right in the time heaven bell will ring,
In a holy sin,

In the dimensional phantom dreams
Frosted completely I'm rate within.
Astral wings melt in the morning beams,
To decrease I seem.

Fruits of imagination's game,
Soaring on Phoenix's wings in flame,
Over Abysm of Re-Born Again
Do depress my aim.