Speaking In Tongues
Guided by Voices


All songs by Nickel

Translated by Max Nemtsov


When the dreams are broken
Over your suntan lotion
When your girls by daylight
Just go through the motions
When itís too late for comebacks
And reverieís not working
All movies turn to snuff and
All shows become cold turkey
I top the charts of charring
I know the now of nouns
My perisherís suggesting
Your Titanic must be down
My e-mail gets the virus
It means theyíd never find us
If money is the plus
The dancingís definitely minus
Donít let her cry and whimper
Donít let her be so Asian
She needs all that apart from
An overseas vacation
Her sisterís tapes are safe here
Untouched and overrated
The sounds are pretty tame now
And backbeats are outdated
If all your dreams are broken
Over the suntan lotions
If all the girls by daylight
Are going through the motions
All relevant appointments
Are still as hot as kissing
Tonight gets very tender
For fear thereís something missing


You chain-smoke through all your fears and frustrations
Tell my why you have to keep your dry rations
Tell me all to scare off your paranoia
Youíre Pierce Brosnan only if they donít know ya
Tell me all about Delhi and London
Tell me all so I have some place to trundle on
Time is flickering by only to please us
You have cashed your checks and got all your visas
They are my friends ó rumble fish, they arenít very lasting
They are my friends ó rumble fish, they are quite dusty
They are my friends ó rumble fish who turn rather nasty
Belly-up, you donít want to trust íem
They are my friends
We are throwing our dreams in the oceans
We are through with betting on the great notions
Time is rumbling on to grant us more sorrow
Marring every rambling day on the morrow
There are places that are better for bettas
There are places that are square but narrow
Tell me all so that they could never pin us
Just how much love do you need intravenous